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Feb 7, 2011

Dark Katz Hunt Hints

:NOSOTR@S::.Designs: I got you by the Tail
::DaRk DoLls:: I´m still waiting for my letter
::Thy Desings ::  I like to sing under the moon light
.:BS:. Branco Designs Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor know where is the cat
F.F. STYLE Pussycat, pussycat, where have you been? I've been to London to visit the Queen. Pussycat, pussycat, what did you there? I frightened a little mouse under her chair.
Phoebe ~Piercings & more~: no hint
ALI COUTURE: Behind this base none will find me
Kumaki Glasses Style: Near Sofa!
KOSH  check your make up and turn on the spot.
Xplosion Bunnies have fun with falling stars (Complete Avatar Section)
sotd and fallin'dolls:: I´m looking this vanilla heaven and its beautifull!!!!
Tree House Treasures: Please click the large hint giver box for the latest hint
Essential Soul  feel confortable wearing some good shoes
{O} Obsidian Safe Hands
Duh!: cat's like to perch up high
LUXus : I´m really comfy in here
!! Never Ever! :Wait me a sec, i´m cooking
Alexohol Fashions   
.:[nuLOOK]:. Size does matter, for my life's sake should hide under my prey i must, if curiousity kill the cat, curiousity will give you more gifts ^_^
NEEDFUL THINGS :search for a picture of Magdalena...she had seen the Cat;-)
Robbish::: I dont Trust in this avatars
LMT Celebrations: From here i see the mountains and the sea
#Voltai : This morning a cat got stuck in our tree,Dad said, "Right Just leave this to me."The tree was wobbly, the tree was tall Mum said, "For goodness sake don't fall!""Fall?" scoffed Dad, "A climber like me?Childs play this is! You wait and see."
*~* RnB Designs Furniture *~* :Go to the beach... I am so fear to being such near to water !
C&S House and Furniture: I like to rest behind this sweet pack
Bana Karu Designs: An Ancient Sword with Point the way to the prize
RazzBerry Inc This phone doesn't stop ringing since 4:00 am
..::Beauty Killer::.... : Poor Kitty-Cat got Scared... Where Might he be? hmmm.. Under the Table maybe?
Beldimi Gestures :Grab some catnip and you will find the kitteh.
LittleGirl:  " Fine Wood Rabbit :D...!"
Vamp Equip Co. :  hint giver in the store
** NyX design ** The scariest place in the whole shop
.: WEiRD.DESiGNS :.:.:  She said that it's a heartkiller but I fell for her
.:*LOULOU&CO*:.Look before you take a sit
ELUZIONTake a seat and relax a little bit :)
**Malizz Yiyuan creation** stage 2, ClothingZone, to the tree bird
Razorblade JackeSittin up proper, where I can see who comes and goes
Pop Tart & Urban Assault Maybe she won't notice if I just slinky right by, she's a little bit too busy for me to catch her eye. Dolls and toys I haven't got but nine lives I play with a lot. Gravity I don't worry about, it's just some silly law, besides if I start to fall, I'll just land on all four paws.
AIDORU  if you want a cat purr.... let cuddles flow!
cleo design  I am between towels in a bathroom desk and waiting to be found;)
Ka Piercings & Jewelry Tonight.... butterflies for dinner
Blow-Up The cats are fast and curious! =^_^=
ANCAYI   It is annoying to wait !
.:Shush:. The Dark catz went back to school. O.O Sexy!
Deviant Design  Can you hear the shoes cry "Noooooo don't leave"?
rock PULSE I am sitting very comfortable here.
[b.nuts]  Do you like the smell of burned rubber?
LoveCat  Who says laziness doesn't pay off?
[Acide!]  My kat Loves rabitts
PiNkMaReS HoUsE  Have a Seat and Dont Be Scared He Doesnt Always Bite...
Sassy Kitty Designs  Even Cats like some Flowers
Soul Distraction  You need to decontiminate yourself in the chamber.
Not Button's skins  how many groups can  join???
Fierce Designs  Find the magic bus
DivaLicious  Find this kat checking out whats new
Dark Desires Custom Tattoo  Don't get tied up looking for this kat
Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry   Look for Alyssa's Gothic Jewelry
*FD Poses* "There is a lot to see behind a kiss!"
KDee's Designs  OMG..i can see your ass..pull them up there to low...im also single
Naughty N Nic Tea Anyone?
.:.:: Malfean Visions ::.:.: Moving Kat!! Check the Store Hintgiver
NLimbo Poses Dont be so lazy
CANCOON Fashion Look around, its on the ground but not on bottom
.:TrOuBlEd ReBeL:. She looks so much better with a head, dont you think?
Wisent-Animation May the GROUPS in the upper floor helps you find me.... Happy hunting !
SWEET LEONARD sometimes,you drive me crazy
Aluinn Dont go too far, im closer than you think
Ema's Im really comfy here
KIWI I fell that Im in the beach in here
::ODB::.:  It's a catastrophe ......This Cats a hooker !
[Demonic] Im not dead yet
GRUMBLE Oooh look at all the pretty stars up high
Cherry Bomb
Beautiful Disaster "This Kat has a very piercing gaze."
Sterling  Artistry:All day, all night, all the time, it's Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow....
[hate this] Bad katz have to sit in the corner.
:::LiNe::: cat has been a nightmare for shoe thief
POLE Watch out for the spikes as you climb up the stairs
Top Katz Oh what a great view
Ironik Kitties You can find me near the lights...
Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery The Kat has gone off to Paris to visit the Moulin Rouge!
[Nein!] Watch out! This tiny kitteh is ready to pounce down on you when you come in.
*RoTtEn DefiAnCe* I hear my Kat likes Job for a Cowboy ^^
[Al Vulo! Skin & More] I like to watch the rain from above the trees
SHUP BISH Gestures Look on the table im served
Lushish Catz  I love my Harajuku Dress
Nikita Fride Designer"where every woman likes to do make up! but calm boys ... because have skin gift for both inside!"...
.:LeeL: Help the Dogs
The Kozy Kitty Take a walk up to the Kozy roof top garden and kick back with a steaming cup of catnip tea, there you will find your prize!
[DETHGRIP] Dont flush it
Autumn Flowers Piercings & Acessories walk until the end of the store.
Wicked Tattoos & Clothing Look for the monkey
Angel's Designs As i sit and watch from above People Chatting..Winning and having fun.Prizes everywhere to be won
>>>moloko<<<  aiiii i lost my propeller
Psychotic Neko I ask for the time and they set me a trap
=Parx= Dreadlocks. cat or lice?
*Kishi* You find me by the two Pandas :)
Khargo Grunge I´m in the heights because i´m afraid to rats
Kennedy's This sign its blocking me the light
-PlasticAcid-- no hint
ZAP-In  I´m closer than you think
Shitz n Giggles I fell like new at this time
Black Kettle  Look for the lamp to get your wish!
FlufferNutterz  Jack hid me very well, lol =^-^=
Pro X: I always knew that I´m a maneki neko
::TOXIC KITTY::: no hint
Lowlifes no hint
[arnadi] Tshirts:  I´m so new that I´m red
Claw'D Will send when finished texturing.
Kabuki Creations Look for it by the Showers section (2nd Floor)
Intimidation Exclusive interview!
Coca & WolfNever lose your roots!
TattooHada's : Feel You Want To Makeup?
Pestique After Dark :All cats like it to lay down nearly to the stove
Battle Angel  Dark Cats likes Ducks =^.^=
[ JP ]:dsg :  cut your Hair and go to Barber
A and S Visions :  Kitty might be a bit of a HIppy,   just saying.
[VIRTUAL/INSANITY]:  Taking a rest, thinking about buying piercings
AMERICAN BAZAAR : I'm comfy under the steps
Zenith Fashion: The dog ate the hint
Kisses Gestures : I will light your way
DemotiK :Where do kittys like to nap?
Love Zombie: I´m hot but I´m not a pornstar
.::Dead Dollz::.:  With this, no one will recognise me
[BedlaM]: You can leave your hat on
hooligan streetwear : you can see the the building next door from here
Eternal Dream Poses  You had hunt so hard... so take a pause and relax
:SS:  Spearsong Have a look around ..... just dont fall from way up there!!!!
JE Club Equipment :  Have a seat, there is plenty of room for your friends.
Dahllywood :The brightest kitties in the whole store have your giftie.
Absent Designs : This little kitten hid in the corner
Little Nuisance : I's got kitteh collar!
KamreK Creations: I can´t decide: Green or Purple?
Besieged :  A gift to find within the store, A shadow 9 upon the floor, Nearby a Kat concealed from sight,Camouflaged? You may be right...
*OFFICINA DMD* Urban arts & crafts: I am the main trunk of this construction
[Diesel Creations Ltd.] :Look Above "Here Kitty Kitty..."
Goth1c0 AAAAAH! im bleeding!!!
Adoness :Careful or you'll sit on it
.::NOSOTR@S::. Designs !!SURPRISE!!

The hints are taken from  http://darkkatzhunt.blogspot.com/, all future updates are available on this site.

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