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May 12, 2011

Its not about secondlife its about life

How to live in my country. Its one answer - hard. A lot of people, especially in east part of my country,  live earn only 1000  zł net. Its about 250 euro or 333 dollars per month. Would not be at all surprising if it was not the fact that everything cost more than in wealthier countries. Bread 0,7 euro, sugar 1,25 euro, petrol 1,30 euro, butter 1 euro.Most people's bills are about 150 euro per month, saving on everything. I have a Master's degree and completed post-graduate studies. I know 2 Foreign Languages. Im good Accounting certified by the Minister of Finance and I can not afford even a decent car!!!! Damn what is wrong with my country!!!!  Now I know and understand why almost every young man wants to leave that shit. We dont have a good roads and about  highways I dont want to mention. Hahah. We have to give away about 33% as taxes from our payment. VAT is the one of the highest in Europe and unemployed people or older, sick people dont have a decent support from the Goverment. To go on vacation you need to save all year (and if everything   goes well) and  better go abroad because  its cheaper. What a paradox.
I admire my country for a great history and Im proud of it, but thats all.
Why I write about this? Because  I'm frustrated and writting helps me to relieve.

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