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Jun 24, 2011

Burnt like a Firecracker Hunt hints & slurls

1. Valhalla Clubs and Games 
HINT: Come on in, have a drink on us.
2.XTC Leather 
HINT: Take the stairs Three floors high Between the mens jackets Cam outside 
HINT: The fire sizzles 
4. New York's Finest Clothing 
HINT: This firecracker is "Patriotic" and can be find with red, white and blue colors 
5. Biohazard Rocker Wear 
HINT: The Waves look so inviting from here.....
6. IN Designs 
Hint: In case of an emergency you can use the ejection seat! 
7. Dani's  
Hint: In building 1 go up to 3 and I will be with a lady in Red Straps Outfit w/ Bow. 
8. *KingPin* Fashions 
Hint: Jumper around its belly time 
9. *IW* Inga Wind Clothing 
Hint: Sparkle 
10. ZINAS (Zero Is Not A Size) 
Hint: You can Look up and you can Look down, Its all matter of Luck 
Hint: What a lovely view outside from up here 
12. Virtual Interior Design and Decor
SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Rockhopper%20City%203/207/74/21
Hint: Sunsafe 45 gives 45 times longer protection from UV rays than other leading brands. 
13. Dark Vision 
Hint: Find me hanging around a castle 
14. Valhalla Weddings 
HINT: You are cordially invited to join us on this hunt. 
15. Beck's Greeting Cards 
Hint: You may have to search until you grow old. 
16. Monochrome 
Hint: Better hurry, the countdown is starting! 
17. The Phoenix Collections 
Hint: All I see is red, Red all around me.... Ohh a Pretty dress! 
18. Itty Bitty Pretty Thang 
Hint: The tallest flowers make the best colors, look for the purple one at the end of the row. 
19. Diamond Dreams Jewelry 
Hint: Check the board 
20. Made by .. Houses & Furniture 
Hint: Buy your Lindens here!! 

21. !! Never Ever! 
Hint: Fire is like dynamite! 
22. Tori's styles 
Hint: time to get lucky and find jodie 
23. Naughty Naughty 
Hint: OOO, Three Love's is so hot I am putting the firecracker there. 
24. AM - Designs 
Hint: .... prefer a fireworks on the roof, as a light bulb in the room- 
25. Fierce Designs 
Hint: These boots are made for walking 
26. KJ'S  Klothes and Kuddles 
Hint: Come in from the sun, your gonna get burnt. 
27. Sheera's Creations  
Hint: A firecracker in the hands of a casual Pawnee? What a blast it will be! 
28. Crazy Cakes Toybox 
HINT: Come splash in my little pool 

29. Graffitiwear  
HINT: Stuck in a corner of bricks and wood, if I blow here it won't be good. 
30. Icarus Home & Media 
HINT: What goes up, must come down! Take shelter under here! 
31. Wicked Sin Creations   
HINT: Take the time to rest and see your reflextion. Lost in the magic  and it's affection 
32. Trueblood Blood Clips 
HINT: Hit the streets and make your way to Sam's Kitchen.... careful u dont freeze. 
33. MiMo Couture 
HINT: up to date 
34. Imperial Fashions & Designs 
HINT: Enter the doors and look around but be careful, if it should explode...you may get covered in dirt and plant debris 
35. ::AlterEgo::  
HINT: Every night, at the stroke of midnight, AlterEgo experiences a massive explosion near the front door. 
36. Shadow Dreams  
HINT: ever tie a firecracker to a cat's tail? 
37. Bootgasm 
HINT: Prize hunting can be a very tiresome task, take a load off and relax for a bit. 
38. HerBerry   
HINT:  If you touch a hot firecracker you would most definitely have a teardrop in your eye... 
39. Bella's Twilight Boutique  
HINT:  I see you 
40. AMAZING art gallery  
HINT: i adore pink so look in side the AMAZING art gallery and look for pink :) 
41. Razmataz Art, Poses & Animations 
HINT: you need a bath after a massage ;) 

42. Valhalla Games  
HINT: Lets "kick" this party off right. 
43. Sexy Swagger 
HINT: horses at the wall in the grey hope they dont lick on it 
44. Bi Designs 
HINT: Don't get greedy 
45. Imagine Flowers and Gardens 
HINT: Have a seat on the sunflower 
46. Briarhill Ltd. Owned by  Roisin Damiano and Calix Southpaw 
HINT: When you 'rezz' it, go 'round back 
47. Starlite Resale 
HINT: Let's bring the 4th in with a bang. 
48. Bodyshot 
HINT: If U like my stuff, just subscribe 
50. Real Glamour 
HINT: This gift can be found at midnight 
51. Red Dog Gear 
HINT: Some people hide their gifts in a tiny place.... you'll find this gift in an outer space. 
52. Starlite Photography 
HINT:  Sit down, Relax and have a drink 
53. Valhalla Packers Store
HINT: Packer fans are stylin!

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