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Aug 8, 2011

yibh Hunt hints & slurls

Yibh hunt its organized by Konejitas VIP. Great designers are participate in this hunt.
Official blog http://konejitas-vip.blogspot.com/2011/07/yibh.html 

1.-  Delirium Style    Lost at sea, and stranded.. Can you see where i landed?
2.- EBA                     My inner bunny could be very ALLURING to som
3.-  * Dura*               Near the entrance
4.- Essential Soul      
5.- FILTHY                Where the eyes are ... look for the carrot
6.-  KamreK Creations
7.- Unique Skins
8.-  MOJO  The Body BOutique           helps to see who knows how to seek
9.-  [mJ'Ds]              GG&MM Girl is like a sexy bunny and she likes carrots...
10.- Mashooka Designs
11.-  Vassnia     From the main entrance... go to the KINKY&SEXY section of the store, which is on the right behind the white tiger!, enter the room and look behind one of the white cabinets there
12.-  Roobix                      Nala likes carots.
13.- * Xplosion*            Two Kittys are best friends (Complete Avatar Section)
14.- Warm Animations
15.-  KMADD Enterprise
16.-U&R DOGS                 sandy area beside a river
17.- Butterfly Effectz  the bunny loves to leave his carrots on the hay while he naps
18.- .:Ari:.      The DJ will need it
19.- >>> moloko <<<                ahhh i see skulls
20.-AlterEgo                   Mr. Bunny Smokes a carrot doobie!
21.-  22769 ~ casual couture   like a flash in your face
22.- Diesel Works Poses & Animations
23.-  2REAL
24.-  Kumaki Glasses Style     bunnys hopping on drums
25.- .: Fear Yourself Mainstore :., 
26.- SugarsmacK      Try the hair
27.-  Magnifique Poses      Going up!
28.-  CandyDoll              my janett
29.-   Custom iNKZ      Where's the Sale??
30.- Spirit Store            Only top there, in the vase!
32.- KristicA                 dress tattoo
33.-  :::LiNe:::               need to remove dust from the dusty shelves
34.-Bitch Tail
35.-  20.FIVE
37.-Razorblade Jacket             Not in my sweet eye
38.-  :: OHARA ::                    t's leftside @ store find bunny FİND Carrot :)
39.-  Alexohol Fashions
40.-   RAMS TATTOO            maori 1 shaved head
41.- .Pekka. Main Store           Look how pretty I am
42.- [...[Dark&Burn]...] Tattoos and shapes Look for a little basket where you can sleep or relax on it  
43.-  ::C'est la vie!::     peacock
44.-  [ILAYA]               look in the rack
45.- Al Vulo!                  look  at the big face
46.- Simply Britnee       Group Subscriber
47.- *Les Petits Détails* Something is growing under my table!
48.-  JeSyLiLO
49.- Props N poses      Carrots need to be grow in dirt, right?
50.- ~Pepper~               Rings are a Must Have
51.-  SE*Designz
52.-Thanatopsis                Beneath the knowledge, lies the treasure.
53.-  INAYA Skins      Inaya rocks !
54.- [GLUE INK]         With each step you get closer
55.-AZOURY                         A shopping day 's very tiring .
56.- MDL &  eseuve
58.- *SoliDea FoliEs*   A gift is a gift...find the gifts and you will find the YIBH gift too :) Enjoy!
59.-  Nikita Fride                  ...How about some champagne?...
60.- [Nein!]                               Watch your head coming down them stairs...
61.-  Chandelle Design             "Do not hide behind the door."
62.- Quintessência Store               I love shoes!
63.-  Moonshadow                        Moonshadow dyna
64.-KoKo Hair and Clothing
65.-  AMD   Apple May    
66.-   NuDoLu                       Just sit down and relax!
67.- Holli Pocket                    Carrots grow on trees of course!
68.-  Waffle!
69.-  *JD*DESIGN
70.-  ArisAris                                   *** Arisaris Sunglasses Retro or Grunge
71.- Armony                                *** Armony Ag65 Dreia White Lingerie
72.- Iruene Natural Hair      Climb the "Olympus" Mount and you will find the gift on top
73.- :)(: Pixelfashion
74.- Indyra Originals
75.- .::BeautyCode::.  carrot is one of my main food intake
76.- Style X                     Shelf
77.- Mu-Shi Doll  In the corner behind the pier you'll find them 
78.-  ' Skintimate '  Art is a mainly strange thing...
79.-Secrets Hair Reflecting just like a flower...
80.-  Opium
81 .- ELUZION why don´t you relax and take a sit for a moment?
Hunt starts August 13 and ends Sept 16. All items are 1L.

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