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Oct 1, 2011

TOSL Hunt Fall 2011 - Hunt Hints

Hunt starts October 1st and ends October 15th. Official blog http://tasteofsl.blogspot.com/p/tosl-hunt-hunters-info.html

1. Be a rebel!
2. Please click the Hint Giver sign on the Embody Info Center near the front of the store!
3. The item is... boxed !
4. Click to subscribe!
5. Take a seat, find a treat!
6. A Little Autumn Magic
7. Check the Hint Giver by the hunt sign
8. I'm out for you to grab, just walk through the door!
9. Nobody puts the shopping bag in the corner!
10. Hanging from the bottles on the ceiling! Bottles Up!
11. 'Pump' up the heat this Fall
12. Keep warm and cozy this Autumn.
13. **Item does not have hunt gift in it yet...The next lm can be found on the object that's on the sign**
14. I am near a trunk chest,and waiting for you to go shopping.
15. I must have left the bag near where I left my shoes.....
16. Right away your day will light up.
17. No Hint Needed
19.  I'm hiding behind one of the plants
20. Definitely not your normal mail delivery method
21. Feeling lazy? Hop in some sleepwear, and relax by the window.
22. "Watch your weight during autumn !"
23. We're just "cool like that"
24. You'll have to get your feet wet to find this bag, but you can sit and relax after.
25. Sign me up!
26. No Hint Needed
27. Gatcha Gatcha?
28. Stretch out and relax, you've earned it!
29. Take a seat and play a game
30. It's sometimes okay to be something you're not.
31. Yahtzee!!!
32. Near the Balcony upstairs
33. Have a seat!
34. Smell The Flowers!
35. Follow the flock of birds to find the gift.
36. Wool is perfect to keep me warm!
37. Four Angels...
38. I'm all tied up in the backroom.
39. "Fricking bunnies!"
40. Something wicked this way comes.
41. 2nd floor

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