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Nov 19, 2011

Diamond is Mine Hunt 3 hints & slurls

Hunt starts Nov 18 - Dec18. Official blog http://sophiarossen.blogspot.com/.

#000 SOPHISTISHAPES (Starting Location)
HINT: (F) The pixie guards the prize
(M) A tip of the hat shows the way
#001 Bad@zz
HINT: "Like you don't need water"
HINT: Next to the new skin ^^
#003 Egoisme
HINT: The diamond in the jewelry
HINT: Agustin has it above his head...
HINT: Everyone likes a gift at Christmas
HINT: Hang a left and follow the path to Beauty
HINT: Just pick it from a branch like a leaf
#008 Utopia
HINT: Upstairs behind the palm in pot you'll find diamond
HINT: "Chinese food makes you so so sleepy"
HINT: Feathers & glitter forever!
HINT: Step 1... Step 2... Step 15?
#012 PRIME 
HINT: Tickle the doorman for a hint
HINT: At the tree...
HINT: The EYES have it
#015 *Epic*
HINT: Don't feed the Models!
#016 Al VULO! 
HINT: "If a diamond falls from a tree in the middle of nowhere... does it still glimmer?"
#017 ~Sassy!~
HINT: It's not far at all. Just right up ahead!
HINT: I am sooo out of your league
HINT: I feel so lonely
HINT: (F) It's a little golden lock, it chains me for you
HINT: (M) Try me and you won't waste your money
HINT: Old Mother Hubbard would be proud of this hiding place!
#022 Snowpaws 
HINT: Welcome!
HINT: Shine like the stars!
HINT: Go to the room of black and pink
HINT: A gift from me to you!
HINT: Use hint-giver in the store
HINT: Make your way towards the stairs!     
HINT: I take my hat off to you
         #029 ::DUH!:: 
HINT: Diamonds aren't the only things that glow.
#030 [croire] 
HINT: Diamonds and makeup are a girl's best friend.
#031 SHIKI
HINT: The party's not over until the Hibiscus Lady sings.
#032 KMADD Enterprise
HINT: What's New?
HINT: Sign me up!
HINT: The Avengers!
 #035 CandyDoll
HINT: That tree!
HINT: Gnomes have feelings too
HINT: Santa Claus will be watching the treasure
HINT: Find the winter boots
#039 Jazymn D 
HINT: Every girl is a FAN of Diamonds, right?
HINT: If Diamonds are a girl's best friend, then Rapture is what she will feel wearing them...
HINT: You should see the view!
HINT: You won't draw a blank
HINT: I almost lost my diamond in my favourite chair!
HINT: Let's get comfy?!
HINT: Things are looking up...
HINT: If you want to know where i am, go and look for Mui.
#047 KIM 
HINT: Walk toward the light
HINT: Its a bird, no its a plane, no, It is hidden under the name.
HINT: This one has a purple shimmer to it.
HINT: Trinity begins to sing "The wheels on the bus go round and round."
#051 Has Been 
HINT: Where the Moon and Stars Shine
#052 Birth 
HINT: Find a pew
#053 Damage 
HINT: Hot! Hot! Hot!
HINT: Find the KinkySexy room in Vassnia Store on the storemap at the entrance, it is by the girl's tuxedo!
HINT: Head upstairs and check out the 2nd-story view
HINT: Is Santa bringing you coal or diamonds?
HINT: Pink, green and even blue are pretty colors but nothing compares to the sparkle of a diamond.
HINT: Since when do vendors give out diamonds
#059 TELLAQ 
HINT: Gemstone avatar
HINT: See In Store Hint Giver
HINT: The Diamond is Mine, in case you didn't see.
I just don't know where it might be.
I've looked low, I've looked high,
Wait, there is a WISHING WELL in ROMANCE that I should try.
HINT: Find me in the FURNITURE STORE underneath the lamplight
#063 [SAKIDE] 
HINT: Diamonds need Fur
HINT: Mind your head on the glass ceiling!
HINT: The girl on the couch with the chandelier
#066 TrendStyle 
HINT: Be a queen
#067 AKEYO 
HINT: Where the music plays...
HINT: Diamond meets Flower
HINT: See the Hunt giver in front of the store.
HINT: Pick through the boxes carefully for this diamond, they could collapse at anytime!
#071 Kucinta 
HINT: New shoes?
HINT: *Find the night kitty*
HINT: The softest thing you can touch
#074 .:* LOULOU&CO *:.
HINT: " It's time to sit down. Take a seat ! "
HINT: Don't get caught in the Rain it could be "Fatal"
HINT: (M) Follow the scent of horses and his call of "Giddy-Up" to find your prize.
(F) Shine, sparkle.. Glitter......points the way to your treasure.
#077 [Acide!] 
HINT: In the necklace area...
HINT: Look behind pillows
HINT: Nice and warm!
#080 ArtiZan Creative Solutions
HINT: "Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but sometimes less is more."
#081 *KENTO* 
#082 Bubblez Design
HINT: A bird cage
#084 n-creation 
HINT: "Remember, read books!"
HINT: Its Slick but you can still find it
#086 Indyra Originals   
HINT: Have a seat!
HINT: Let me touch your skin...
HINT: (M) Chains, Spurs.. Wrangler will give you your prize
(F) Glow sticks, black lights.. this party will guide you to your treasure....
#089 Capalini Christmas Shoppe
HINT: "Two eyes made out of coal?"
#090 NaCrS 
INT: "Take a seat and make some music!" 

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