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Nov 3, 2011

I love Cupcakes hunt stores, hints & slurls

Hunt starts November 1st and ends December 1st. Official blog http://ilovecupcakeshuntsl.blogspot.com/

1. Near a sprinkled sister of mine!~
2. Amonst the Belle Bijoux you will find your hidden Treasure.
3. Framed Soul
3. This cupcake is Definatly living on a prayer..
4. Pretty Kitties
4.  I Always Wanted to be a Mushroom :D
5. Miss. Murder
5. Take a bite of tomorrow's Karma
6. JeSyLiLO
6. Next snow skin
7. [A N A T O M Y]
7. I have many cupcakes in my basket, do want one?
8. Lions, Snakes and Giraffes OH MY!  You will find me around the Zara
9. 1/2 Baked
9. I like the stars
10. Red Phosphorus
10. Ha! I got cha now!
11. The Mad Hattery
11. Just a spoonful of sugar please
12. FlufferNutterz
12. The Cupcake is  eating the Cupcake
13. Sweethearts Cafe & Bakery
13.  Lemon Cream, Chocolate, Vanilla & Cherry. Which of these flavors should I pick?
14. ~*{Lethe}*~
14. A-  Its a really sweet day; everything is coming up roses!
       B-  Mr. Cat guards his new, sweet treasure.
       C- Oh!! I Gatcha!... now I'm gonna eat ya!

15. ..::RO!ACT::..DESIGNS
15. I am brand NEW
16. Pink Promise
16. My cupcake loves to read books, does yours?
17. Rozamyndi's
17. She's big allright and looks a bit like me ;)
Holding hands is sooo nice...

18. Dead Bunny
18. Cupcakes taste best when they're warm
19. *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*
19. Cupcakes and Candlelight!
20. Grumble
20. O, can you see it there?
21. Draconic Kiss
21. Wind me up
22. Saturnine Dreams
22. that's one sweet tooth!
23. Etinceler
23. Look, an inside tree!
24. .::La Flat::
24. So how much love is in this rug?
25. Les sucreries de Fairy
25. Cupcakes makes fats cakes
26. Wallflower
26. Roasted cupcakes, anyone?
27. Urban Republic Co.
27. Yummy!!
28. 1 Hundred.
28. Take a seat!
29. S.W.A.K. Designs
29. I'll enjoy my sweet treat while I wait for my photos.
30. Lyrieals
30. This cupcake is magic
31. Sugar
31. You wouldn't believe your eyes , such pretty fireflies
32. AstonisHD
32. I like to undress here where no one can see me!
33. :PYNKZ:
33. This is no ordinary cupcake! This cupcake spends the day camping! Oh what a lucky cupcake!
34. TARA
34. relax and read
35. I draw your attention staining red
36. (.:FBC:.) Fabienne Bolissima Couture
36. Behind babygirl
37. Venus Envy
37. A sugary treat is tough to beat!
38.  .:TWA:. ~The White Angel Creations~
38.  Falling in the Shoe...
39. Indigo Oddities
39. I have a birds eye view of the back of your head as you walk in to hunt.
40. Small Voices/AnD? Teen Style (store no longer there?)
41. Julia Collection
41.Someone forgot to take the cupcakes out of the oven.
42. Falcon Warehouse
42. Best friends are forever!
43. ::Fe::
44. Being IMMORTAL makes me easier to find
45. ^^Moulliez
45. This Cuppycake is hiding behind a Cuppycake
46. Click the doorman for hints
47. Serenity Designs
47. I really should put something up here...
48. .:F  u  r  o  r  e:.
48.  Julia loves Blue Eyes!
49. retro'
49. the cat is hungry
50. Bare Sensual
50. Im up or down and hidden all around ...
51. [SleepingKoala]
52. What a bright idea!
53. Clairity Creations
53. Necessary to look at to get the prize jean pants
54. Sweet Sin
54. maybe you need to rest ... :)
55. Orage Creations
.If you want to be a real diva..
57. " Rawrs Look" o.@

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