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Dec 27, 2011

I have a dummy and I will not hesitate to use it

skin -Glam Affair -Linn Snow White- Xmas gift (no longer available)
hair ""D!va""  more than 25000 group member celebration  gift here
outfit with heels *Dafnis happy Christmas box ONLY GROUP here  


  1. Hey there - are you sure that the outfit is the group gift from Dafnis? I found a brown elf outfit only...im me please...Leonie Szczepanski in world OR LonnMorgan Resident - THANKS! the link 'here' http://www.blogger.com/goog_775702778 isn't working...:D

  2. got the gift yesterday. Was in a box. Now I'm offline. Slurl http://slurl.com/secondlife/Stingray%20Cove/82/153/29
    Sorry hun for wrong slurl.

  3. And mouse hat and dummy not included. If someone wants to know where I got it leave a comment or IM me.