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Feb 5, 2012

Womenstuff hunt hints & slurl

Official blog http://stuff-sl.com/womenstuff/hunt/hints/. 

1GIZZACheck upstairs - it can be so Twisted
2MyANIMATIONLet's dance some Latin Dances ... Have Fun !
3LaVieA light in the darkness I'm the rabbit in a waistcoat Take a small potion to follow Walk the paths of life It'll be alright I see your pain And, Alice, I'll heal you Just follow me.
4KMADDSee the DJ in The Lounge
5Tres BeauLook up before you take "Flight"
6{.essences.}Swings like a pendulum
7MOHNA LISA Up the stairs and straight into the arms of Mona Lisa.
8Maverick DesignWearing a Maverick shape could be "Fatal"
9RfyrePlace your self upon a pedestal and urn your prize.....
10.:NV:. CorestryEnter the store on a Starry Night, and gaze upon all the corsets first with lust then envy as you search for your prize. Don't panic for you wont suffer long as its ordained that you will receive your gift. Stroll across the store, past the trail of pink and red skulls, over the golden velvet to white satin. If you have correctly followed the trail finding your gift will be as smooth as butter.
11PeKaSLook for the bloody girl of your dreams and you can find it
12.:EMO-tions:.*just delivered *
13!MPP My Pretty PixelsShoes are girls best friends. (look up !)
14al Vulo!Arlecchino sit!
15Legal Insanityspring is coming soon if you check those pants you'll find your price
16Hawker's HouseOver the meadow and through the woods, looking for your prize. There's purses, shoes, and bangles--oh my--but the shirt is hidden from prying eyes.
17Hugo's DesignIn the red corner protected by the 6ft woman lies your prize!
18H<>W Photograpy PosesCommon in! the water's great!
19subVersionI'll vouch safe that you will find it - just kick yer shoes off and relax, you'll be right on top of it!
20House of RageBehind the Saga, there is always a true story.
21[Cynful] Clothing & Co. Keep your eyes down when you're checking out what's up in Cynful's NEW section.
22PEER StyleWe are not the Same, but we are all Equal.
23EnergyI love to sit here and relax looking at the ocean
24RedgraveSearch for "beautiful" in italian
26SOPHISTISHAPESLook out for the "wiggle"
27[: B!ASTA :]I really hope that these womenstuff shirts are fireproof!?
28::SIOPA::sit back and relax
29AudacityBig balls are best!
30*ShadZ Eyewear*I throw it away.. lol
31MIMI'S CHOICELook for the most beautiful and biggest shoe in SL
32LOORDES OF LONDONWhat a Bargain!
33ORQUIDEAI'm ready for the weather to change, aren't you?
3422769 ~ Casual CoutureSlap the ORANGE hintgiver for actual Hint
35Ruca TeaseWhat gets wetter the more it dries?
36Amour FashionI guess you can call this a decent view from here
37Savoir Faire Shapesa beam is in thine own eye
38[AMERICAN BAZAAR]Holy Socks it's something new!
39Dark Water Designsheights like these leave me seeing red!
40=Razorblade Jacket=All a girl really needs is a short skirt
41Two Sisters TreasuresDiamonds were Princess Di's best friend
42Chop Zuey Couture JewelleryYour gift went to the Symphony
43LnL SquareClick the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters for an updated hint!
44SG's DesignsIF you find the 4 stones , you will find the gift that you are looking for.
45AntZRoses are red
46Pics N PosesHonesty is the best policy
47KIMStep UpÉ
48~Tees,Please~Need something to CART your items in?
49Duh!Nice view out this window.
50AIDORUconsider to read sign carefully!
51oOo StudioGrab the teleport on the second floor; What's new was old, check the drapes for more.
52Dulce SecretsMind your STEP and it will reveal the secret you seek.
53Heroes ClobberYou'll go Bats for this outfit. Just hop up and grab it!
54GLITTERWhere jewels areÉ
55Fa Creations/*SEDUCE*why is it broken ?
56~Kennedy's~So many accessories here!
57::Eclectic Firefly::The frustration if the hunt and the jubilation of finding the prize, it's like yin and yang
58.:TWA:. ~White Angel Creations~Be careful and don't fall down stairs...
59KamreK CreationsEliza is her name
60[ Nectar! ]Ask Mo.
61[TF] Tamiron ForgeBe careful balancing on those rusty iron beams to reach your gift
63NOVUS StudiosSticking to my resolution
64Dino's BootiqueLook for the feet Your gift covers these. They are located in the end of the shop - Remember - Your looking for Feet.
65Wilson's Designs for men and ladies too !look over your left shoulder as you sit there ...
66Ultimate ShapesHello, Brandi
67Wild SerenityI think I will sit this one out... this looks like a good place...
68Evolution InkUgh! Hangovers suck!!
69EgoismeYou don't have to be an Angel to pick up this gift
70[A N A T O M Y]Brenda is hiding something
71::Fe::Four legs
72*Lil Bitz*Looks like Wild Kingdom to me.
73Artic StormSit and have a chat
74mE. JewelryAfter so much walking É sit a few minutes, relax and enjoy a little more special gift for you
75SHIKIBehind the bar in the VIP room.
76[BedlaM]Just because its SL you dont have to dress trashy
77AkerukaGo deep into girls...
78Custom iNKZ4th of July Fireworks!
79LiF Lost in Fashionchange your style
80AITUITattoo in secret below ground
81Icons of StyleTime to change clothes!
82BirthBarefoot out on the . . . .
83Shape it Up! and AlexxcessoriesAll Modifiable shapes 89L always.
84NekoliciousThese BOOTS are made for walking you right to the prize.
85WertinaIt is MARVELous!
86PA DESIGNEhint next to the sign inworld
87Together Inc. Leave us a message!
88ModishBreathe me deep
89PNP: Props N PosesChicken Butt "Thats Whats"
90RoughnecksFind the medallion you'll find the gift.
91The WaxworXA standard size fits all
92Damage Virtual ClothingBeauty is in the eye of the beholder
93Vero Modero Follow the color of love a present you shall find ..
94Body DoublesLet's Pretend
95GraffitiwearRoses are red, blood is red too. These two red dresses are hiding the prize from you.
96FrozenFoxy Lady
97Elemiah DesignI love black & white
98EnvymeIf you have luck, your name can be win!!
99ASHMOoT Creationslara is looking it
100Baby MonkeyDon't give our prize the boot; it's hot!
101Red Devil Inc.Looking high and looking low isn't the way to go
102!CurvaliciousChastity can be good, if worn well
103N-core designWhat is the "Essence" of the hunt?...to find something nice!
104CS ShapesWhere there is light
105Eternal Dream PosesBeautiful Hint Giver In Store
106Shameless BitsNothing like a soothing bath to relax in after all this hunting!
107Diesel WorksThe walls are hiding your gifts
108StilechtExhibition after a wooden window
109PounceAnother bright idea!
110Butterfly EffectzOooh that's a pretty kitty
111CandyCrunchersLook around, up the stairs and in a corner you will find your gift. YAHOO!
112.+*+. Kamiri .+*+."Cracked"
113TinK Tattoos & FashionTake a gamble and look around, you never know where I'll be found.
114FA Creations Eat healthy to keep in shape
115B&T AtelierCheck the local hint giver!!
116Schwarzpls check the local hint giver
117::MORTALITY::May sever your arm reaching for the item.
118Elite SkinsDon't fog up the glass!
119ILAYAmessy drawer? sort it out
120Ramel's Designred red red
121Rosenwolf Designfeeling lucky in the middle
122Carisma CreationsSkins are beauty...check it!
123::C'est la vie!::I like flowers
124White WidowIf you like reading you'll find me!
125The Nekid Cowmaybe this will ring a bell
126AstonisHDClose the curtain so their eyes wont see, my flesh as i undress its where you'll find me !
127..::: M&C FaCtOrY :::..Honesty
128.::Karmas Kreations::.Love me or Love me not
129ANTUREIn fields ablaze with flowers you'll find the girl with April in her eyes!
130VestigiumIt's not garbage
131*HairARt*get close to the oval of newness
132*** Just You Jewels ***Follow the Lips
133Alexandre SkinsIt's All About Latex!
134Stars!I want to be your cuddle bunny.
135Lushish CatzFeeling a little bit "Rosie"
136::MoK::DesignsJapan's capital city
137SF DesignDon't go out without a hat - heads up!
138**Creamsicle**Find the group of manniquins' and you will see sitting in front
139StarChild DesignsDita von Tease is the Queen of Burlesque, she will help you in your quest!
140Tori's styleIt's a charmed life
141G&T CreationsFind a lucky charm and you find your lucky gift
142*Liv-Glam*Look for the Blue Bird in the Cage
143Just Darling At "Just Darling"....purple is in bloom, even when you try out your zoom
144P3 - Pixel Perfect ProductionsFeet on fire can be a good thing!
145Phoebe ~Piercings & more~I love piercings!
146{four}look in each corner and in the end you'll know why
147Cyber Gem JewerlyI love Independence Day
148Sassy!Be careful while hunting... STEP carefully!
149Nachtigall Design.... .. ... is dancing with me cheek to cheek (Chris De Burgh)
150BlacklaceWhere the Gifts Are

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