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Apr 20, 2012

Teenager in Paris

skin KRASOTA - Eva skin Whore Certified Event here  
hair new Tameless Bonnie - Blondes here 
lipstick new Pink Acid Sweet Love Blush & Lipstick here
leggins new Pink Acid Rainbow Leopard Leggings here
dress she who dares (Orsini Whore Certified Item week 3) here
necklace free ..:Perle Cute Necklace Groupgift here
tattoo Tenjin Hummingbird Heartbeat Tattoo here
pumps {*I Love FashiOn*} Whore Boots  (was for Whore Culture fair) here
eyes 10L ! :::BodyShot::: 2 makeups & eyeson market here
bag free {*I Love FashiOn*} Fashion Chic bag  (all COlor) group gift here


  1. You have did a beautiful blog!! Can you explane me how to apply this map ----> on my blog?'

  2. Ty Sofia but I dunno which map you mean.