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Jun 22, 2013


skin Essences - Whisper Goth Brown Sugar *Brunette* for TDR here
hair new Tameless Dhara - Naturals here
face makeup free Pink Acid Store Gift #3 Sweet Surrender Full Face Makeup here
headband *P* Mesh Braided Headband ~Pink~ here

top [ SAKIDE ] Fresh Paisley Outfit for The Black Market here
skirt *Milk* My Pleated Skirt  White for SFW here
heels Retro' - Christine heel red  for SFW here
tattoo Tenjin - Sweet Little Thing Tattoo - Fresh for GFW here


  1. Love this post is so magical *-* , therefore need you to do a tutorial or tell me how as do the brightness reflection effect in the legs LoL. I love your posts I love seeing the avi very bright.

  2. Hi, sorry for late answer. In photoshop blending options - bevel and emboss