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Aug 29, 2011

Creative Angel Hunt - CAH hints & slurls

The next CAH Hunt  started September 7
CAH is a free hunt and the prize is scripted so hunters may not get the gift before the hunt begins or after the hunt ends. Hunters need to wear hunt Badge. To get the Badge tp here.

#00 I am at the center of attention, staring down at you
(Please NOTE that there are 3 other gifts here that are hidden in random large prims… Can you find what doesn’t belong?)

#01 Sit and take a cup of coffee… the key will help to mix the sugar … just as a spoon…..

#02 Prize 1 hint: I’m getting inked, it’s going to be bright and it’s going to be pink!

Prize 2 hint: Hey Daddy-0! I’m the original Beach Doll, so come on and safari with me!

#03 Looks like the Eyez have it.

#04 Born to ride

#05 is that a cross or a carving?

#06 Cute and Cuddly

#07 :::: giggles :::: That tickles!!

#08 Cross’s come in many shape’s and size’s, but no matter how different they look they are still a cross…

#09 Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deceive!

#10 and a child shall lead them

#11 Charity begins at home, and we do our best to support the ones we can.  Please check out the ones we support and look up when you have a chance.

#12 A litte Cat lost her Sign  (Landing Point)

#13 Pretty in pink

#14 look for a silver girl

#15 Do NOT burn your fingers!!!

#16 Ohh boils and trolls
weeping haunting potions
laying upon a witch’s boils
heed light of the cross notions

#17 The Dead can hold it, just as you can stick your tongue out at it

#18 You have some lipstick on your teeth, go check in the mirror.

#19 always  take time to  smell the  flowers

#20 Life in the Sky

#21 The devil will send to you to hell if you look at his daughter

#22 Find Lingerie

#23 Angels are welcomed at the entrance … ;)

#24 Sexy stands lead to late night plans…

#25 “The kind soul that feeds me water,will be rewarded with the gift of angels”

#26 Oh Wow my belly is so pink……

#27 These dragons don’t breath fire

#28 He wanted to ascend to a higher place,
But the steps of his life he would have to retrace.
With nothing but a symbol of his previous life,
His memories were flooded by a lifetime of strife.
He decided to choose another path instead,
Joining the ranks and hordes of undead.
The symbol gave him power, a leader was made,
The hordes followed him in his evil crusade.
They tortured their victims before turning them too,
He created an army whose thirst only grew.
His time was cut short, as another had risen,
And so he was entombed in a coffin-like prison.
Left to decay and rot in his cell,
Clenching his symbol, he created his hell.

#29 Where are the angels?

#30 I’m pointing at YOU, Angel!

#31 I carry it with me everywhere
if it doesn’t match, I don’t care
all I need you’ll find inside!

#32 The roof has been leaking inside the store and it isnt water XD

#33 I’m around the corner but up above, but not as high as the world above. :D

#34 Everyone likes something new.

#35 So hungry!

#36 Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the BRIGHTest of them all? Close your eyes and think twice, then you will find your amazing prize!

#37 Are you going to hear wedding bells? Gosh, you might need a white dress!

#38 Closer than you think! Look straight.

#39 I love sales!

#40 Take some time, stop and think.  Careful not to let your bobber sink.

#41 Peaking around the corner I can see the trees blowing in the wind

#42 feeling lucky?????

#43 I am at the front desk.  :D  

#44 Make it up to the sky…

more info at official blog


Updates after September 7

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