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Aug 29, 2011

The Unknown Hunt: Epic Newness slurls and hints

Hunt starts at Midday/Noon (12PM SLT) (8PM GMT) on September 1st. Hunt items cost 1L each.
Official blog http://theunknownhunt.blogspot.com/ .
All slurls I've made myself so if something is wrong plz let me know.
  1. Sleeping Koala
  2. Petrichor I love nature
  3. The Bitten Prim You've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I Feel Lucky?" Well? Do ya hunter?
  4. Divine Perfection
  5. [VoiD]
  6. Cube
  7. Second Chances
  8. Nightplay by Zee a little bit of England
  9. shopo.OposeShop I heart you
  10. Body Coutoure  Let's go outside
  11. Atermis Lullaby Creations Hungry Yet? or you can look around
  12. YouriGami Time out is in the corner!
  13. Dakota Touch Sweet dreams & Sleep tight
  14. Eversong Weddings & Events Across the bridge there is a sight to see, and a tree.
  16. Polished Stars Stilettos
  17. George No hint needed
  18. -Tyto-
  20. DARK Creations just around the corner
  21. [[ 721 ]] The leaf broken off the stem of the plant and is now in the water
  22. [aberrant] If you're LUCKY you'll find it.
  23. The Jewellery Exchange Who would dare to put a DIVA in the corner?
  24. Mind Games It has just arrived!
  25. {L'amant} Marguerite Duras started it !
  26. [Sweet Bites] Birds need treats too
  27. iCandy Illuminate your life with some color!
  28. TattleTale  Don't forget to check in at the desk.
  29. {Porcelain}
  30. Shadow Factory Quit Horsing Around
  31. Argyle Owls Not a real tree
  32. Zoie's Attic I'm in my natural element here with the flowers
  33. The Attic  
  34. Klamotte 


  1. I can send you the landmarks inworld, I think some of the stores may have moved since you posted this. :)